Long story short.

Ralf Penzkofer – the founder and CEO of “Punto ese Projektentwicklung GmbH” – can proudly look back on more than three decades of experience and success in the real estate business. During this time, Ralf Penzkofer founded the Punto ese company with its main focus on the development and the realization of commercial property projects, primarily in the retail industry.

It is the chief emphasis of Punto ese to serve its customer and business partner needs quickly and straightforward, and to carry out tasks on a high level of competence and professionalism. These principles are transported through the name, the logo & the culture!

Fields of expertise.

  • Investements
  • Purchase of land and commercial property
  • Project development from A to Z
  • Rental business
  • Structural enlargement
  • Handling of municipal and legal matters

Our biggest advantage is the short decision-making process which results from the tight organisation of the company. Profit from our wide arching network of partners and references. Especially the density of personal contacts with cities and communities offers the possibility to carry out projects in a frictionless manner.